Guidelines For Submitting Copy and Photos

Articles: Iowa Bystander welcomes editorial copy but it must be submitted to Editorials, news items, and general press releases should be 750 words or less. Public service announcements, thank you notes, etc. should be 400 words or less. If more space is required please contact us directly. Copy should be submitted as .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .txt files. All copy is subject to the editorial policy of Iowa Bystander.

Photos: Photos submitted with articles become the property of Iowa Bystander unless otherwise specified at the time of submission. All photos should clearly identify those in the picture, their order and the relevance of the photo. Photos should be submitted as jpg or tif files. We can convert pdf photos if necessary. Photos should be high resolution!

All submitted copy or photos must contain contact information including a phone number and the key contact should questions arise.

Finally, Iowa Bystander is a submission based publication. We do not knowingly reprint copyrighted materials without written permission. Please do not submit copyrighted material for inclusion in our publication.

Iowa Bystander wants you!  We are looking for individuals interested in the arts, culture, theater, live music, literature, movies, fine dining, etc. to write reviews and cover the local scene. If you are interested please contact us at: